Members near Woodruff, South Carolina

  • Kenneth Flanagan

    79 year old concertina learner

    joined 2 years ago
  • tab213

    My name is Tom Barrett, and I currently live in Greenville, SC.

    joined 9 years ago
  • bill motherway joined 2 years ago
  • Keith McCulloch

    I am an elementary school music teacher and jazz guitarist in greenville south carolina. I play guitar as well as clarinet and recorder.

    joined 4 years ago
  • Sunnybear

    I live in Spartanburg SC and play the violin.

  • Madison Miller

    joined 4 months ago
  • Wes Maluk

    Long time Celtic and Contra player. Guitar, Tenor banjo, percussion and some fiddle.

    joined 2 days ago
  • Douglas Hurlbert

    I’m an Architect living in Gramling SC who plays various bellowed instruments, including a duet hybrid concertina, a piano accordion, a Steirische Harmonika, and a melodeon. I can be found playing at the Landrum SC Farmer’s Market most Saturdays and on th…

    joined 4 years ago
  • Susan Florence joined 7 years ago
  • Jeffrey Bedard

    I am a mountain dulcimer player and just starting to learn the Irish whistle. I live in the United States in the northwest corner of South Carolina.

    joined 9 months ago