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  • nattierose

    Hi there!

  • Deborah Kinney-Soltis

    I am a 62 year old Yankee (grandma) living in NC, who spends her weekends as a night shift ICU nurse, and her Tuesdays as a part-time ballet teacher. She also knits. :)

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  • mikelowe

    Hi! I have played guitar for 34 years, until about 4 years ago my sis gave me a fiddle for Christmas. I took lessons for about a year, and plan on doing some more once I'm through with grad school. Love the playing of Kevin Burke, Aly Bain, and Michael...

  • Douglas Hurlbert

    I'm an Architect living in Gramling SC who has been playing free reed instruments for 54 years. I have a Duet Hybrid Concertina, a Hohner Melodeon in key of C, and a Galanti Piano Accordion. I play at the Landrum, SC Farmer's Market most Saturday mornin...

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  • Diane Carter

    Scottish Fiddle

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  • Fifthtry
  • Tess Hartis

    Fiddler from Chester, SC

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