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  • Balthuus

    I was a military musician for 24 years.

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  • Fifthtry
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  • Deborah Kinney-Soltis

    I am a 62 year old Yankee (grandma) living in NC, who spends her weekends as a night shift ICU nurse, and her Tuesdays as a part-time ballet teacher. She also knits. 🙂

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  • Diane Carter

    Scottish Fiddle

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  • Maurice LaForrest

    I'm currently playing mandolin and fiddle, with interest in Celtic, Old Time, and other world-type music, and previously played Bluegrass guitar, cittern, and various percussion instruments.

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  • Katie Labbon

    I'm a flute player, having played for 36 years, and I currently reside in Charlotte, NC.

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