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  • Dennis Spring

    My Irish grandma lived with us while I was growing up. She grew up in an all-Irish section of Chicago, and helped teach me a love for Irish music and poetry. I studied classical violin and went through university and then on to a symphony career. Then a s...

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  • Eddie Ferrell

    I'm from Charlotte, NC. I play recorder, baroque flute (both copies of 18th century originals), pennywhistle, guitar and mandolin. I am a member of an Early Music ensemble called Carolina Pro Musica. Our website

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  • Marc Lees

    I'm in Charlotte NC.

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  • ChickenSaysBak

    Hello, I am Nick, or often referred to as ChickenSaysBak on online communities. I live in North Carolina, USA, and I have a strong love for Irish music. I play fiddle and I have more recently started playing uilleann pipes (my favorite instrument on the p...

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  • John McWilliam

    Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland. Graduated from Glasgow University in 1967 and emigrated to Sweden. Now retired and split my time between Sweden and USA. Have played the clarinet since I was around 10-12 years and the bagpipes since I was around 30 ye...

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  • Callie Johnson

    I'm from North Carolina and recently began playing the piano and violin again after not being able to play for many years. I focus mostly on violin, though, and I am absolutely passionate about it. I have children and am also learning together (mostly to ...

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  • Mark Cook

    I live in North Carolina and play 5-string banjo and guitar. I've just returned from a couple of weeks in Ireland, some of which I spent in pubs or otherwise listening to traditional music. I want more.

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  • Henry Royal

    Charlotte, NC

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