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  • Sami Sue Welch

    I’m an elementary music teacher in the US. After visiting Ireland a few years back, I was inspired. I’ve been teaching recorders for years now, and it is a challenge for this old dog to try and learn some new tricks, but I am enjoying the journey! ...

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  • Shari R

    Northwest Arkansas, USA is my home. My heritage is Irish, Scottish, and English. I was captivated by Irish music before I knew anything of my heritage. When I discovered where my ancestors were from, it made a little more sense. I played clarinet in schoo...

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  • joeh

    Playing fiddle for about 5 years now, from Oklahoma. Started when I was 57 a little late I suppose. But having fun learning.

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  • Lionfiddle
  • Carol Widder

    I am from Fayetteville, Arkansas. I recently retired from the public schools where I was special education teacher and speech/language therapist. I have played B/C button accordion for about 15 years and have attended workshops at Augusta in West Virgin...

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  • dulcianne

    Mountain dulcimer player