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  • fiddleandpick

    The Fiddle and Pick is located in Pegram, Tennessee, USA. We are a traditional music academy with professional musicians teaching bluegrass, old time, Irish and other traditional acoustic genres. We host an Irish session and an old time jam.

  • A. D. Johnson

    I’ve been playing guitar an banjo off an on for about 50 years. A lot of that time I focused on 5-strung banjo and played in a couple of Bluegrass bands (late 70s and most of the 90s with different personnel) that performed at wedding parties, weddings, b…

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  • Jennifer Halenar

  • Mary Burger

    Nashville, Tennessee

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  • ric blair

    I live in Nashville and perform with The Celts

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  • Jonathanthor

    I live in Nashville, TN, and have been playing Irish fiddle tunes for about 2.5 years. I’m learning a lot of new tunes, taking lessons, and attending sessions in town when I can.

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  • Celeste559

    Plectrum 19 fret Tenor banjo from my Grandpa. I’m learning notes and chords tuned as CDGA and love it! I like all vintage and country styles…I need to do a lot of work on strumming/or picking. I’ve never played strings.

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  • Jeff Jetton

    Piano Accordion

  • Corbin S

    Living near Nashville, TN

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