Members near Nashville, Tennessee

  • Jennifer Halenar

    Fiddle is my main love love, but I'd like to gain more ground on button accordion. I've had a BC Irish Dancemaster for several years now and can play only a handful of tunes on the box.

  • ric blair

    I live in Nashville and perform with The Celts

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  • Mary Burger

    Nashville, Tennessee

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  • Emma Smyth joined 5 years ago
  • Corbin S

    Living near Nashville, TN

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  • Jeff Jetton

    Piano Accordion

  • Alan Korpady

    Originally, I’m from Wisconsin, USA. I settled just outside of Nashville, TN, USA. I play 6-string guitar (steel and nylon string, “acoustic” (whatever that means these days…they’ve all got pick-ups(K&K & Sunrise)(no, not the nylon)), electric g...

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  • Jerone, LoM

    Solo pianist for new age and modern classical music. Studying Irish Traditional music on piano, fiddle, and concertina.

  • Ryan Cotter joined 3 years ago
  • Emily Amos

    Hey hey - I'm the publicist for Compass Records Group in Nashville, and I'm here to share Celtic news, updates, new music and press releases from our artists - ask me if you have any questions about our award-winning catalog!

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