Members near Cádiz, Andalucía

  • Juan J. Almaraz

    Flute player and teacher from Cádiz, Andalusia (Spain). Member of Stolen Notes band.

  • Miguel Conwall


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  • Jesús Bureo


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  • Guilleflute

    Hello, I am Guille from Spain and I am 29 y.o. I am a proffesional bachellor Boehm flute player with classical formation, I work as flute teacher, and I also love celtic music since I was 12.

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  • irshbnj

    I'm an American in Southern Spain, the west side (El Puerto de Santa Maria) near Jerez/Cadiz. I play guitar, banjo and some fiddle and am always looking for people who play Irish music. Email me if interested


    I play fiddle music, reels, Strathspey, slow aire mainly.

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  • Jose J. V.

    Southern Spanish man trying to learn how to play the tin whistle. Beginning with the traditional Clarke, the Sweetone, a Park's every whistle and a Killarney.

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  • silitinga

    hi, i m looking for musicians for a session in Sotogrande , The dubliners pub

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  • marioalmonte
  • José María Uriarte

    I am from Spain. I play the acoustic guitar ( 6 & 12 strings) and sing (English $ Spanish).

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