Members near Chesapeake, Virginia

  • Mechelle Fox

    I'm learning to play the bowed psaltery. I have a baritone one made by Roosebeck as well as one made Unicorn Strings.

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  • Eric Green joined one year ago
  • cherokee
  • Ray Blackford
  • Steve Febbraro

    Pennywhistle High D

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  • Brandon Suter

    I'm from Virginia and play Violin, Piano,a bit of guitar, electric bass, mandolin, and ukulele. I also compose my own music ranging from string quartets to Irish jigs.

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  • Ron Carnegie Jr

    Williamsburg, VA. Fiddle, Concertina, hurdy Gurdy, banjo

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  • Bill Tanner


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  • Susan O’Katy

    I live in Virginia, USA. I am 70 years old and would like to become a better whistle player. I play the mountain dulcimer, baritone ukulele, and piano. I’ve just been given a beautiful Hohner accordion to learn.

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  • TVW

    Make and play bamboo flutes; side blown, end blown (kena)

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