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  • BillScates


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  • DaleMc

    I’ve been a casual guitar player for over 30 years, playing mostly for fun, and occasional paying gigs. A few years ago I discovered that playing bodhran and strumming guitar are somewhat similar movements – more so if you’ve ever played guitar i…

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  • David Carpenter

    From western North Carolina originally, but now live in Kentucky. I play mandolin.

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  • Barry Shelton

    I have been a music educator in the public schools and area universities for 30 or so years. Being retired I finally have the time and opportunity to play the music of the members of my family tree. Clarinet is my instrument of choice since I was 12 yea…

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  • William Weathers

    I’m a front edge baby boomer (‘47) who grew up in rural Kentucky not knowing anything about the breadth of my heritage. I played trombone and piano in school, still play piano. I became a Bluegrass banjo player and lots of the tunes really struck deep…

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  • Bruce Spence

    I own an IT company in Kentuck, father of 8, beekeeper, blacksmith in training. I play penny whistles, bodhran, harmonica and vocals for Feckless Fear Dearg. Irish/ Celtic music is in my blood and is a passion as it is with my children. Thanks for having …

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  • Marc Hays

    I’m from Tennessee. I work as a curriculum developer for Classical Conversations. I’ve been writing a music theory curriculum for Jr High and High school using the tin whistle so that everyone in the theory class also plays music. I’ve been loving c…

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  • Barry1963
  • Luos Restil

    I’m a rock/pop/blues/country guitarist living in Nashville, Tennessee. I’ve recently taken an interest in Appalachian and Irish traditional fiddle music, so I’ve picked up the fiddle and started learning.

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