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  • dannyflad
  • Monty Campbell

    Recent Virginia Tech Graduate in the Blacksburg area (Go Hokies!). I play lots of Irish, Scottish, and Old-Time tunes. I currently play mandolin, anglo concertina, guitar, tenor banjo, and low-D whistle (my favorite is the banjo). If not evident by my lis…

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  • nlawson

    I am a retired art professor. Grew up in Howell County Missouri, just north of Arkansas. My father was a clawhammer banjo player, but had a crippling injury from a mortising machine and lost the use of two fingers, which greatly impeded his playing. He…

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  • datasmithy

    pcv flute

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  • jeff_willner

    By day, Jeff’s a not so mild-mannered psyc prof who teaches fun courses in research methods and statistics. At night, I play an exhausted parent of two (aged 22 and 17), and then I play guitar and bodhran.

  • Brian Muller

    Christiansburg, VA

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  • soft black stars

    I play fiddle.

  • KC Gross

    Posing by day as a mild mannered acoustic guitarist, my secret identity is…well let’s not get into that.

  • LindaMarie joined 2 years ago
  • MTP

    [Trombone : Whistle : Bodrhan : Vocals]

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