Members near Roanoke, Virginia

  • Alice Cook

    I'm from Kansas and was classically trained in violin but have dabbled in fiddling over the years.

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  • Jerry Trammell joined 5 years ago
  • Dennis Danner

    I am currently living in Roanoke, Virginia, but grew up in Illinois, and central Indiana. My Irish ancestry is on my mother's side with German on my father's. I play tenor and baritone ukulele, guitar, and a little lap dulcimer and penny whistle. I'm h...

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  • Matt Thomas joined 5 years ago
  • ballyhak

    Member and band manager of the band Second Wynde - Americana Celtic and Songs of the Sea.

    joined 6 years ago
  • Matt Vail

    Roanoke, VA - Mandolin & Guitar

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  • Jim Sharkey joined 7 years ago
  • Timothyfhg

    In Roanoke VA for 40 years, native of GA. Fiutist since 8, of Irish heritage (County Limerick). Learning how to play the tin whistle...ever so slowly!

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  • Tim Grey

    I'm 57 years young and I live in Richmond Virginia. I play guitar. I TRY to play the 5-course Cittern and the Octave Mandolin.

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  • Barb Putney

    I am learning to play fiddle and I am most interested in celtic music.

    joined 4 years ago