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  • susan rockett

    I now live in Spain but lived on the Isle of Mull Scotland for 25 years where I went to neighbours ceilidhs and my life of music began. I had a tin whistle thrust in my hand and began! I now play wind instruments - whistle, harmonica, pan pipes and flute...

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  • Rachelfiddle


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  • kathy Murphy

    kathy murphy in Nerja for three months play the fiddle, would like to meet others for session

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  • Flipper

    I've just been given an Irish Flute which I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into. Whilst searching the internet for advice and good tunes in D to start me off I came across this website! Unfortunately there are no teachers anywhere near me that ...

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  • victor gomez

    An aficionado fiddler from South Spain in Malaga. No irish connections but in love with folk music.

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  • Pablo Pecorelli

    Hello! I'm a tin whistle, guitar, bouzouki player and singer from Málaga , and I'm delighted to have been accepted at "The Session" website.

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  • ElektropitekusXXI

    I am simply a music lover who does not play any instrument and who lives in Andalusia, Spain.

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