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  • Aldon Sanders

    I was raised in Hawaii and now live in San Jose, CA. I play Hawaiian music on ukulele & sing for a living. I also play English concertina, pennywhistle, guitar, 4 string banjo (GDAE), fiddle, Boehm flute, and keyboard.

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  • Vincent Hikida

    I play the Tin Whistle. I played for a couple of years but haven’t played for over 5 years now. Played a little today and hopefully I can continue. I’d like to someday play like Vinnie Kilduff, Breda Smyth or Justine Garvey.

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  • Ken Newton joined 6 years ago
  • Michael Spaid

    I’m from Mountain View California and play the concertina, button accordion, and guitar. I’m in traditional Irish band called Banish the Dogs with my wife on fiddle, mandolin, mandola, and vocals.

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  • CelticKitten95

    Bay Area based student and future musical theater major. I studied Celtic music for three years in high school before attending school in Sacramento. I play piano, fiddle, flute, pennywhistle, and I recently took up guitar.

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  • Peter Tommerup


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  • Kristin R

    Just moved to Woodside, CA - about a year into the Irish flute. Love it!!!

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  • Michael Orts

    I’m a New York (State) transplant living in California/Silicon Valley. I play the concertina.

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