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  • Vincent Hikida

    I play the Tin Whistle. I played for a couple of years but haven't played for over 5 years now. Played a little today and hopefully I can continue. I'd like to someday play like Vinnie Kilduff, Breda Smyth or Justine Garvey.

    joined 5 years ago
  • Christine joined 6 months ago
  • tradlad

    Austin, TX

  • Ken Newton joined 3 years ago
  • CelticKitten95

    Bay Area based student and future musical theater major. I studied Celtic music for three years in high school before attending school in Sacramento. I play piano, fiddle, flute, pennywhistle, and I recently took up guitar. I'm also an aspiring composer a...

    joined 6 years ago
  • Kristin R

    Just moved to Woodside, CA - about a year into the Irish flute. Love it!!!

    joined 4 years ago
  • Michael Orts

    I'm a New York (State) transplant living in California/Silicon Valley. I play the concertina.

    joined 6 years ago
  • Sam Schillace

    I'm in northern California but originally from Michigan. I've been playing old time and bluegrass mandolin for the past 3 years or so.

    joined 11 months ago
  • OuluPulu

    Bay Area folk music. It's OK.

    joined 7 years ago