Members near Mountain View, California

  • Christine joined 4 years ago
  • Michael Spaid

    I’m from Mountain View California and play the concertina, button accordion, and guitar. I’m in traditional Irish band called Banish the Dogs with my wife on fiddle, mandolin, mandola, and vocals.

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  • Vincent Hikida

    I play the Tin Whistle. I played for a couple of years but haven’t played for over 5 years now. Played a little today and hopefully I can continue. I’d like to someday play like Vinnie Kilduff, Breda Smyth or Justine Garvey.

    joined 10 years ago
  • Sam Schillace

    I’m in northern California but originally from Michigan. I’ve been playing old time and bluegrass mandolin for the past 3 years or so.

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  • Mary Ann M.


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  • Foxbassplayer

    San Francisco Bay Area hobbyist, spent ‘96-’97 studying traditional music at University College, Cork, now getting back into it via whistle, tenor banjo, and concertina, hoping to fix up my 1/2 set of uilleann pipes.

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  • John Ward

    I live in San Francisco, CA, and play mostly guitar, tenor banjo, and mandolin.

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  • judy mccarthy

    violin, whistle

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  • benschreiber

    My name is Ben Schreiber. I am the fiddler from the contra dance band Uncle Farmer.

    joined 8 years ago