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  • JoJofidhlear

    Newark, California

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  • Rafael

    I'm a string bassist and a guitar player from the San Francisco Bay Area. My original training was as a concert cellist. I've played pretty much everything from hard rock to cool jazz to Vivaldi and English country dance. I'm starting to dabble more in Ir...

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  • Joanne Hook

    Hi All,

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  • Tedley
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  • Stan Hearne

    I am learning violin mostly to learn Irish fiddle. I play guitar,piano and flute. I live in the Bay Area in Northern California.

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  • Cris F

    I play fiddle, hammer dulcimer, love Irish and American Traditional music, along with bluegrass.

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  • Merilee

    Fiddle, accordion, banjo; love Irish trad but now learning American Old Time. I live in San Leandro, CA, part of the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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  • OuluPulu

    Bay Area folk music. It's OK.

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