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  • firefly

    Old english bloke, living in Portugal, where I direct the Teatro ao Largo theatre company. Played the fiddle for some years. Now struggling the flute. For a long time, the musical director of Footsbarn Theatre Group who were mighty in Galway back in the '...

  • Miguel Girão

    Guitar enthusiast.

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  • Katharine Rawdon

    Hello! I'm a professional classical (western) flutist (Boehm flutes, piccolo to contrabass flute) interested in everything flute-related. I have a gorgeous Abell Whistle, and just found this site via a Brian Finnegan YT video. I'm excited to see the tunes...

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  • Liz Bruce-Lomba


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  • roma

    Have been playing the violin for decades, the bass guitar for many years and have had a hand at playing the contra-bass whenever available and read sheet music in both the treble and bass clefs.

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  • David de Sousa Seixas

    I'm portuguese, I play the great highland and the portuguese/galician bagpipes.

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  • Marco Silva

    Playing music since the 90's and irish traditional music since 2014. Mostly guitar, octave mandolin and tenor banjo.

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  • Dimitrije Djordjevic

    Born in Serbia , Raised in Lisbon.

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