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  • Phantom Button

    I live in San Francisco and my "local" is the Plough & Stars Pub. I've been hosting and attending sessions there since 1985. I'm totally obsessed with ITM but I haven't a clue why... except that it's great music.

  • SeanMaguire

    San Francisco.

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  • Timothy Henrich

    I am an infectious disease physician/scientist and viral immunologist in San Francisco, CA. I have played the trumpet for nearly 35 years but recently started playing the feadóg a few years ago and am now thoroughly hooked. I enjoy playing the high D a...

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  • Dana Trillo

    Banjo, Mandolin, Percussion

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  • NataliaKMusic

    Based in San Francisco, CA

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  • Pinono

    I'm a native of Marin County, California, and that's where I started playing Irish traditional music in 2005. I've moved around a bit learning new tunes wherever I go. I have a special interest in fusion of the traditional musics of Ireland and Mexico.

  • octaviac

    Hi! I'm Octavia. I'm from Sebastopol, CA, and live in Berkeley. I play fiddle and piano accordion.

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