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  • tdrury

    I teach music theory, jazz, and piano at the University of Southern Indiana, serve as organist and music director at Trinity United Methodist Church in Evansville, and am a freelance accompanist and jazz pianist. I am also an avid scratcher of Irish tune...

  • David Fentress

    I taught myself fiddle when I was into middle age, with almost no previous musical experience. I'm not the most highly accomplished player but do I like to play. I have worked at University of Evansville as a science lab instructor since 1994. I grew up...

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  • Lucas Smithhart

    Hello, everyone. My name is Lucas, I'm from the Evansville, Indiana area, and my main instruments at the moment are the Irish tenor banjo and the mandolin. I also play bass guitar, but I mostly use that for rock and heavy metal music, which I was raised o...

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  • Dan Crocker

    Play 5 string banjo and guitar old timey and irish

  • Christopher Selby

    I play flute, whistle, and cittern (melody).

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  • Barry Shelton

    I have been a music educator in the public schools and area universities for 30 or so years. Being retired I finally have the time and opportunity to play the music of the members of my family tree. Clarinet is my instrument of choice since I was 12 yea...

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