Members near Vallejo, California

  • Robert English

    I've returned to the SF Bay area for awhile after spending a delightful couple of years in Co. Dublin and Co. Clare.

  • Peter Howard Kirk joined 5 years ago
  • janet pecorella

    violin and mandolin

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  • David MacDonald joined one year ago
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  • Maryam Banville

    I'm returning to my musical roots with a vengeance. Mostly a piano player now learning piano accordion. Most recent obsession is the hurdy-gurdy (don't have one). So much music, so little time, here in northern CA from the woods of Maine and the Connec...

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  • Alex K

    SF Bay Area whistle player.

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  • Mercedes Cohen

    I play the "silver" flute (actually nickle). I've picked up my instrument after about 35 years and I am playing in a group in San Rafael, California. I love the music even when it blazes past me.

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  • Damien Gonzalez

    a 30+ year rhythm section guy, my first instrument was violin from ages 4-7. i live in northern california and play drums for siamsa irish and scottish dance group at various festivals and highland games around the state.

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