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  • Charles D Henderson

    Classically trained Oboe player (don't worry, I'm in recovery) making my way back to the folk roots of music.

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  • Tom Meisenheimer

    I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. September of 1938. My Mother's maiden name was Moyle, her family had lived in that district in Antrim until the Plantation and after that in Devon and Cornwall until they left for Wisconsin territory in 1842. My paterna...

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  • Traci Henderson

    I am a lifelong student of guitar and piano, but have just recently aspired to playing Irish music specifically. Being initially motivated by our young sons, who choose to listen to groups like Lunasa over anything else, (one is learning fiddle, one, th...

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  • STL Whistleboy

    My name is Clay Hunter from St. Louis, Missouri USA. I have been playing silver flute since 1983 I have been playing Irish music since 1999 on Michael Burke & Paul Busman high whistles, a Howard Low D whistle, and a Seery keyless pratten flute and a Dav...

  • gmanstl

    I am jazz guitarist learning jazz fiddle. While I have played violin forever jazz and pop is new.

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  • Rich G
  • Matthew McCormick

    Love Beginish!!!

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  • Gene Allard

    I am in St.Louis. I have stated playing whistle 5 years ago and and only recently started playing low D whistle for a lot of slow airs.

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