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  • ndlxs

    Born on a mountain top in Tennessee, he shot his first bar when he was only three. But then one day, he was shootin' fer some food, and up from the ground came a bubblin' crude! Oil, that is!

  • McElmurry

    I was looking for a way to get a little music in my life and decided a whistle was about the right level of commitment. I have been playing a Burke D for about a year and now have an MK Low D on order. I have a used starter set of pipes (actually just pi...

  • David Griffin

    I live near Sacramento CA. USA.

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  • Jimmy Spero

    I'm from LA and ended up in Sacramento. I started by joining the Navy after high school and then spending a lot of time in Balboa Park playing and learning. My influences include Joe Pass, Django, Wes, Chet, Doc, Fahey and so many others.

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  • John R Carr

    I've been playing since the 3rd grade - classical and private lessons, but put it aside for trumpet. Got back into it in college (learning viola, too), but got hooked on Bluegrass in the 90s. I live in Folsom, CA and play on an Alfred Vincent fiddle from ...

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    I live in California. I recently took an Irish Fiddling Workshop in County Tipperary and loved it! I played from 2nd grade through my last year of high school, then took a 40 year break. I've been playing for 2 years again and having more fun than ever...

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  • Brittainy Barnes

    Irish Flute, Tin Whistle player. Been in a casual irish party band several years, looking to become more serious traditional player

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  • Ingrid Tracy Peters

    Fiddle player for the Sacramento band Cahersiveen. Missing playing music! Hit me up for any outdoor jam sessions in Sacramento.

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