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  • STL Whistleboy

    My name is Clay Hunter from St. Louis, Missouri USA. I have been playing silver flute since 1983 I have been playing Irish music since 1999 on Michael Burke & Paul Busman high whistles, a Howard Low D whistle, and a Seery keyless pratten flute and a Dav...

  • gmanstl

    I am jazz guitarist learning jazz fiddle. While I have played violin forever jazz and pop is new.

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  • Rich G
  • Traci Henderson joined 8 years ago
  • Matthew McCormick

    Love Beginish!!!

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  • Gene Allard

    I am in St.Louis. I have stated playing whistle 5 years ago and and only recently started playing low D whistle for a lot of slow airs.

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  • pklender

    Hello! I am a flute player (and hand drummer) in a band that plays world music in St. Louis MO. This website is an awesome offering of information... thank you!

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  • Jake Thiele

    I play guitar, bass, and keyboards for Until Extinction. Currently learning the tin and low whistles.

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