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  • ReallyBadFiddler

    I'm from Northern Va. I started fiddle in June 2014. I've played guitar since 1996.

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  • lonelybanjo

    I'm from Orange, Va. (USA) and play the banjo.

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  • Nancy Lisi

    Hi, I'm from Alexandria, Va. I recently came to play at the Roscommon Singers Festival with King Street Bluegrass. We enjoyed the sessions very much as we learned of the songs, history and culture of the area around Knockcroghery. As the singers at our la...

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  • wahoobob

    From: Alexandria, VA

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  • GordonJ

    From Alexandria, Virginia, mostly play the fiddle now, but also sometimes play guitar, mandolin, etc. These days, I mostly play with the Irish Breakfast Band.

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  • Jason Fox

    From all over in the US, but currently splitting my time between Washington, DC and Norfolk, VA. Married to a fiddle player which inspired me to put down the trumpet and pick up the mandolin. I enjoy all trad music from the celtic realms, but like her I...

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  • Hounded by Strangers

    Currently live near Alexandria, VA; trained in classical violin but am learning Irish and old-time fiddle.

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