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  • Denise Sheridan

    Living in Northern California. I play fiddle/violin and also a bit of guitar and piano; strictly armature. Used to sing until my voice dropped an octave. Love to play with others, but I’m not proud.

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  • phyllis grant
  • Guadalupe Ybarra

    Hi…my name is Lupe and I like to play guitar, uke, recorder, didgeridoo. I love making acoustic guitar arrangements of celtic pipe and fiddle tunes.

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  • charles valashan

    I am retired in Sacramento California. I took lessons on a PA as a kid, then became more involved 10 years ago.

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  • Xandr


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  • Doug Reagin


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  • Gabe Stivala

    Guitarist for Celtic band “Cahersiveen” based in Sacramento, CA, USA

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  • Roy E. Holcomb

    I am from northern California, retired, play bass, little piano, little fiddle, little sax, native american flute, and I am very interested in the irish flute. I love irish tunes, and listen to sessions on Sunday nights. Love it.

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  • Jaimi P

    I live in the Sierra Foothills of California (Penn Valley) and play the flute I particularly love Irish music, always have.

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