Members near Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • Doug Huggins

    The artist formerly known as Paperpunchr...who changed his email address and lost his password...I do my best to anchor the Jack Quinn's and Jives (formerly Agia Sophia) sessions in Colorado Springs.

    joined 6 years ago
  • Doranna Christenson

    I play violin and was paper trained, as well as classically trained, but my fingers are stiffer now with age. I play a mean kazoo, and have been known to sing. I stumbled onto Irish sessions in Colorado Springs 8 years ago and am returning to it after a...

    joined 7 years ago
  • Kevin McTernan

    Hello, I'm from Colorado, USA now, but have lived in 10 states my whole life. I play guitar, hammered dulcimer, and dobro, and love to sing harmony on folk and pop tunes from my youth some 50 years ago.

    joined one year ago
  • gailmck

    Born and raised in Colorado Springs, CO. I have studied classical music since childhood. Only learned to read music and no ear training. Went to my first Fiddle Camp in 2007. I was lost, yet found. This is the music that feeds my soul and makes my he...

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  • Bob Crowder joined 7 years ago
  • ken_thompson

    I live in Colorado springs.

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  • David B. Clark

    I play mandolin (many years) and fiddle (last 5 years).

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  • Niki joined one year ago
  • Lisa Phillips

    I live in Colorado Springs and, as of August 2017, have been playing fiddle for almost 2 years. I am new to traditional Irish music but eager to learn.

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  • Joshua Brewer joined 7 years ago