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  • Thistledowne

    Follower of Christ, loving (former) husband, wanna-be musician, lover of God's creation.

  • Boska Hunter Hannan

    I live in the middle of America, but my roots are in Scotland, Ireland, and Scandinavia. I've been "playing" instruments for about 30 years, on and off. Mostly string instruments. I started out with the guitar, but never really excelled at it. Last ye...

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  • tracyanne1431

    Flute, Keyboard and harmonies. Living in Columbia, MO.

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  • Neeley

    Newbie learning the tin whistle and piano

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  • f.davis

    Columbia, Missouri, USA

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  • Richard Parsons
  • Tom Schultz

    Friends: I'm a librarian and musician living in Missouri, USA. I play guitar, mandolin, tenor banjo and bodhran, and a little bit of harp. I started off with 60s folk music and became addicted to Irish music after having first heard the Clancys and the Du...

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  • Tom Meisenheimer

    I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. September of 1938. My Mother's maiden name was Moyle, her family had lived in that district in Antrim until the Plantation and after that in Devon and Cornwall until they left for Wisconsin territory in 1842. My paterna...

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