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  • Harry Cline

    I live in Charlestown, Maryland, USA. I bought a fiddle when I retired.

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  • Stever4067

    fumblethumbed your site

  • Saulgood

    Fiddler, mandolinist and newbie guitarist in SoCo MD.

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  • John Chisholm

    Inverness Scotland. My father was Jack Chisholm of Inverness. I was the "crying baby" he was walking the floor with!

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  • Colleen Woodcock

    I am trying to get music rights to use two pieces of music from Celtic Grooves..... Toss the Feathers and Sporting Paddy. We are performing a piece of each of these numbers at the 2013 Irish Dance Worlds Competition in Boston, Mass in March. The music ...

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  • kmjackson

    Fan. Live near Annapolis MD USA

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  • Kathryn Temple

    I'm an adult beginner, have had about 20 lessons over a 3 year period, not much continuity in practicing due to travel, work, etc. I just came back from Celtic Week at Swannanoa, very inspiring. The goal is to sustain my motivation now that I'm home and t...

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  • Carol Baynes

    Planning trip to Ireland to hear music. Sessions.

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