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  • ChristopherG

    Northern Virginia, US

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  • Gary B

    From Leesburg, VA. Loves and plays all kinds of music: mostly tin whistle (learning flute) in Irish, mandolin in Irish and bluegrass, bass in bluegrass and Christian worship, guitar in bluegrass and worship, ukulele in jazz and swing (from the 20s thru th...

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  • Hyuk Kim

    I am a science teacher currently teaching chemistry,physics, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics. I used to play the violin and taught myself to play the flute starting with one of Patrick Olwell's Bamboo flutes that I purchased when I was a grad student at UVa....

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  • Chris Campbell

    Hi there,

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  • Michael Hayde

    I'm from New Jersey, but currently live in Virginia. I have loved Irish folk and dance band tunes all my life. I play acoustic guitar.

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  • teagan

    Fiddler... I'm told I play pretty well. I don't embarrass myself, anyway.

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