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  • jasonlburnfield

    Hi, my name is Jason Burnfield. I live in Bloomington, Indiana (USA). I’ve played flute, pipes, and guitar for many years. I also play Andean/South American winds (kena, kenacho, & zamponas).

  • BretterB

    primary instrument: whistle

  • Davy McDonald

    Irish Flute, Uilleann Pipes, Highland Pipes

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  • stv culchie

  • The Mollie Scholars joined 7 years ago
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  • Peter S

    From Berkeley California, and now Bloomington, Indiana, I’m a piano player and like playing in small groups. I want to expand my repertoire from classical to Irish, Scottish, English, and Klezmer.

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  • Angus Martin

    I’m a piper living in Bloomington, Indiana, USA.

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  • Daniel Bingham

    I’m a software engine living in an eco-village inside the city limits of Bloomington, IN. I play fiddle, viola, and some guitar. I grew up playing viola, but always wanted to learn fiddle. So now I’m teaching myself.

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