Members near Knoxville, Maryland

  • Claude Jones joined 2 years ago
  • Diane Younkins

    Near Harper's Ferry on the Maryland side. I enjoy playing for families at local libraries, small weddings and memorial services, background for intimate settings, labyrinth and sacred setting events.

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  • davidd
  • Bruce Wilkin

    Harpers Ferry, WV

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  • William Walton
  • Aaron Painter

    I'm From Harpers Ferry W.V. my instrument is the fiddle and concertina

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  • Boots MacAllen

    I live in Frederick Maryland, home of record collector Joe Bussard In addition to his amazing collection of Blues, Jazz and Old Time music are records by Michael Coleman and Mullaney and Stack, there's nothing quite like ...

  • Gary B

    From Leesburg, VA. Loves and plays all kinds of music: mostly tin whistle (learning flute) in Irish, mandolin in Irish and bluegrass, bass in bluegrass and Christian worship, guitar in bluegrass and worship, ukulele in jazz and swing (from the 20s thru th...

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