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  • Charlie Butterworth joined 6 years ago
  • banana512

    I was raised by morris dancers who made me sleep under tables at contra dances. This is how I fell in love with the music. I am from colorado. I was more of an avid player in college, but I still love my fiddle. She is my mistress and doesn't mind so much...

  • chordmo
  • momtodandt

    My name is Leslie, I live in the Denver area and I play the lever harp.

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  • MorganCamp

    I make my home in Denver, but my playground is usually in the Boulder area. Traditionally, I play piano, but I also play the flute and and fiddle and I am beginning to explore the banjo.

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  • denverdave

    I live south of Denver, Colorado. I play string instruments, mostly guitar, double bass and mandolin.

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  • Rock Eggen

    From: Denver

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  • Devin Odom

    I am from Denver and I am a fiddler at heart.

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  • Chuck Cannon

    Studied piano for eight years, beginning at age 8; played trumpet in high school band and sang in choir and Modern Choir; in the Army in the early '60s, learned guitar and 5-string banjo to play folk music; at age 45, took up the Highland Bagpipe and play...

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