Members near Springfield, Illinois

  • DTrigg joined 4 years ago
  • Kelly Donovan

    Born in Michigan, grew up in Indiana, then Moved to Illinois. Play guitar, bass, piano, banjo mandolin, violin, harmonica, drums, and tin whistle. Of Irish heritage, and love the fiddle now. trying to learn all I can

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  • Dan Roseberry

    Re-learning violin after a few decades of laying off of it. Preferring Scottish/Irish Fiddle but learning other fiddle tunes and love playing Christian Hymns too. Live in the Petersburg (near Springfield) area. Would love to hang out with and learn som...

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  • Inazuma

    I play violin! I teach Suzuki to anyone who wants to learn violin. I love traditional folk music and I'm trying to learn more and more music that I can play for my own pleasure.

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  • tommy

    Born in Ireland but grew up in the U.S. Growing up in an immigrant family, I always loved the music from "back home."

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  • Bill Herridge

    I live in Gatesville, Texas. I have played GHB for 37 years, went over to the dark side a few years ago and started trying to tame the beast usually known as uilleann pipes. Slow but sure progress on that. I have a good half-set made by Eugene Lambe, a...

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  • Rich

    I'm a musician from Peoria Illinois. I play guitar, bass and mandolin.

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  • Chris Bock

    I'm classically trained and I have played Classical music my whole life. I play violin and viola and have performed extensively in solo, chamber and symphonic music. I recently defected to the world of Irish music and I'm a fiddler in The Shanties and we ...

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  • Tom Clemens

    I live in Normal, Illinois. Play guitar and fiddle. Trying the penny whistle.

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  • mbjulien

    I'm from central Illinois. I am self taught and try to scratch out tunes on the fiddle. I like Celtic, Old-Time, Bluegrass, Hymns, Cajun, and about anything else you can think of. Currently focusing on Old-time and Irish tunes.

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