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  • Nigel Ewan

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  • Lori Fannin

    I am a yoga and piano instructor living in Columbus, OH. I play a multitude of instruments including ukulele, flute/pennywhistle, recorders, hammer dulcimer and harp.

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  • mdugger
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  • thegentlestrength


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  • Uilleann_piper

    Located in Columbus, OH...a reformed Highland piper, I now primarily play the Uilleann pipes and whistles. But I do still occasionally play Scottish reel pipes as well as the occasional tune on the GHBs, though playing them now is something close to loat...

  • Brett A

    I play viola. I am a professional orchestra player. Irish comes down both sides of my family tree, but, sorry to say, the culture of the place didn't come with it.

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  • Bryn Sowash

    Guitar (DADGAD), learning concertina and whistle, long-time pianist, from Columbus, OH

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  • Jonathan Slaughter

    I live in Columbus, Ohio, USA and am originally from North Carolina. I play the mandolin and am interested in getting an octave mandolin or an Irish-tuned (GDAE) tenor banjo next.

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