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  • bfolkemer

    I'm a member of the band Cormorant's Fancy, who play and sing music of Scotland and Ireland, as well as other Celtic nations. We're based in York, PA. I'm also working on the folk song collection of the late Professor Samuel P. Bayard of Penn State, col...

  • hotsauce

    I'm a traditional Irish fiddle player in York, PA, USA.

  • Martin Mohan

    I am originally from Ireland now living in America. I play accustic and MIDI Accordion. I play Irish and Scottish music. I enjoy listening and comunacating with other artists and sharing i nformation. I was a piper at one time. I play for fun and relaxati...

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  • Sharon L. Atchley

    3/25/2020: but I just typed all of that in here.............ok, so briefly, I'm 75, had my first tin whistle lesson 1/10/2020. Would greatly appreciate videos proving raw sound, no reverb or other embellishments so I have a more realistic idea of what an...

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  • Sharon Atchley

    Hello, I have always wanted to make music and I enjoy contra dancing. Found the tin whistle and now have been blessed with a teacher.....I start next Friday, January 10, 2020. Very exciting!

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  • Nate Ryan

    I've been a jazz musician all my life, but I started playing Irish music 5 years ago. I play fiddle, concertina, whistle, tenor banjo, guitar, octave mandolin and bodhran. My family's from County Clare, but we got run out of Ireland long ago.

  • Eileen Sullivan
  • π'd_πpr

    age'd whistle player

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  • Ronald Peters

    I am originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA but now live in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, near Lancaster (USA) and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (Amish country). I started my musical learning playing the trumpet in 4th grade about 58 years ago. Since...

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  • Alan Niesley


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