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  • joe fidkid

    I grew up in the hills above the Ohio River in the US, in what they’re calling now “pre-Appalachia”. Early memories of my Dad playing songs like John Hardy, Jesse James, Boll Weevil, Cross-Eyed Sue on a Sears Silvertone acoustic guitar. I’ve still...

  • Reba Kanning

    I currently live in Columbus, Ohio. I have enjoyed Irish music all my life. I studied Irish Step Dancing with Ann Richens. I enjoy all types of ethnic dancing and I like to play my violin. Violin was my major in college and I have played in various sy...

    joined 3 years ago
  • Chris Toms

    I play piano, Irish whistle and guitar among other instruments. I’m working on getting ahold of some Uilleann Pipes so I can finally start learning them!

    joined one year ago
  • USAPiper

    Play uilleann pipes, favorite pipers...

  • mconners

    Play a half set of Seth Gallagher pipes in D.

  • Keith Singer

    Hilliard, Ohio beginning fiddler

    joined 5 years ago
  • Brian Edmiston

    I am originally from Derry/Londonderry, in N. Ireland. I took up the fiddle 12 years ago having rescued my father's instrument from a cupboard/closet where it had been stuffed by my sister who lives in Co Down! I play at sessions in Columbus, Ohio where...

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  • Brett A

    I play viola. I am a professional orchestra player. Irish comes down both sides of my family tree, but, sorry to say, the culture of the place didn't come with it.

    joined one year ago
  • Sheree Green

    With backgrounds in Classical, Old-Time, and Bluegrass playing (in Ohio, North Carolina & South Carolina), I started playing Irish Trad fiddle almost 25 years ago, and have never looked back! Nothing makes me happier than slipping into that magical groove...

    joined 4 years ago
  • Debbie Solove

    Tin Whistle. Monday Slow Session. Ohio . Adding fiddle!!

    joined 5 years ago