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  • KeepFiddlin'

    Hi, my name is Len Zaikoski.

  • Lin

    Hi! I am Lin From Harrisburg, PA. I am a beginner when it comes to Irish tunes. I play mandolin, and also guitar and bass.

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  • Ronald Peters

    I am originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA but now live in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, near Lancaster (USA) and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (Amish country). I started my musical learning playing the trumpet in 4th grade about 58 years ago. Since...

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  • Greg Rohrer

    I'm from Harrisburg, PA, USA. My main instrument is the mandolin. I like to play a variety of styles including bluegrass and Celtic. I also play a Flatiron octave mandolin and I recently purchase a Bacon & Day Blue Bell Irish tenor banjo.

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  • Nate Ryan

    I've been a jazz musician all my life, but I started playing Irish music 5 years ago. I play fiddle, concertina, whistle, tenor banjo, guitar, octave mandolin and bodhran. My family's from County Clare, but we got run out of Ireland long ago.

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  • Pam Meinert

    I have play piano for over 30 years and have just started to take up the harp. I have had an introductory session with a local harpist, but have been working on my own. Not making much progress on our own and will need more regular sessions with a tea...

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  • Sharon L. Atchley

    3/25/2020: but I just typed all of that in here.............ok, so briefly, I'm 75, had my first tin whistle lesson 1/10/2020. Would greatly appreciate videos proving raw sound, no reverb or other embellishments so I have a more realistic idea of what an...

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  • Sharon Atchley

    Hello, I have always wanted to make music and I enjoy contra dancing. Found the tin whistle and now have been blessed with a teacher.....I start next Friday, January 10, 2020. Very exciting!

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