Members near Skillman, NJ

  • Vince Janoski

    US Highland piper for many years. Compiler/arranger/writer at and where you can listen to "Small Tunes," a brief podcast of historical background on wee tunes from the tradition along with a setting and rendition on the bagp...

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  • Fiddler3

    Fiddle and guitar player in New Jersey. Have played for nearly 50 years.

  • Bill O'Neal

    Bill O'Neal has performed publicly for many years, both here and in Ireland, where he hosted numerous sessions, performed in pubs and GAA clubs, and also entertained for CIE Tours. His long-term haunts include Fiddlers Green in Co. Down, Sweeney's Salo...

  • tom cahill

    Philly area, flute and tin whistle

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  • Steve Bauman

    Starting mandolin. Have played sax, bass & uke. Learning tabs.

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  • JVM

    I am from New Jersey, USA. I am a fledgling accordion player ( :

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