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  • Opisthokont

    Professionally, I'm a journeyman biologist (the name "Opisthokont" is a reference to such interests; you're welcome to ask me about that). Avocationally, I'm a multi-instrumentalist on strings (bass, guitar, mando, uke, violin) and occasional woodwinds (...

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  • Nicole Rahn


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  • Qixiao Ma

    I am learning to play the violin.

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  • Felicia Dyer-Belle

    Hello! I'm a new fiddle player from NYC, only been playing about 4 years - I have a background in music having played the Cello for many years, as well as Bass (upright & electric)

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  • Saragh Reilly

    Representative from the Irish Arts Center in New York City.

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  • CliffM

    From Texas.

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