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  • beachma

    I’m from Akron, Ohio USA. I play whistle and flute. My father was a piano accordion player also from Akron. His name was Gordon Shaffer. Most of the musicians in my family play piano accordion. I like to travel light.

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  • James McGuire

    Originally from South Buffalo, New York. Now living in Akron, Ohio. (OK, Fairlawn) Bodhran and spoons. Play for love of the music. Would really appreciate news of

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  • Meghan F. Froehlich

    Hi. New to learning the whistle. Play some harp.

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  • SaraFiddler

    I am from Akron, Ohio, just south of the lovely Cuyahoga National Park. My primary instrument is the fiddle. I am currently learning to play the dobro, and have also begun to develop my voice. I play in Stone Cold Soup, a small local band.

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  • Joepaonessa40

    English Concertina

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  • Ron France

    I’m 64 and a life-long musician. I’m a vocalist; I play piano, guitars, mandolin and whistles. I’m from Ohio; I’m also a photographer. I own various whistles in different keys and am just starting to learn about their nuances.

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  • Ron44262

    Munroe Falls,Ohio

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