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  • Becky Starr

    Reconstituted classically trained violinist who has gone "fiddle." Enjoy playing/learning Irish, old-time and traditional fiddle music. Live adjacent to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park between Cleveland and Akron. Teach violin to young and beginning...

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  • Beth J.

    I play guitar, I sing, and I am learning (slowly) how to fiddle. Used to play and sing at a weekly session before I moved to Ohio, and was part of a band performing folk music--mainly Irish, but also English, Scottish, Appalachian, and Canadian.

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  • Gerard B hannibal

    This is Gerard from Cleveland, Ohio. I play the DG box, Ukulele, Hammered dulcimer, old time banjo, and guitar on occasion. Some tin whistle too. I retired recently and I am learning tunes.

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  • DCharlieSweet joined one year ago
  • charliesweet

    I (still) sing a lot: voice now kinda my own, but strongly influenced by John Lennon, Rod Stewart, McCartney, Dylan.

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  • obiwan

    I am from Columbia Station, Ohio which is southwest of Cleveland. I play violin and have been trained in classical music, but am at a point where I am playing and enjoying folk music of different cultures.

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  • oldtime

    I'm from Cleveland, Ohio. I play guitar and some ukulele, as well as mountain dulcimer. I am a beginner at fiddle.

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    Piano Accordion, Whistle

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  • MaureenR

    Irish-American musician, plays fiddle, mandolin, tenor banjo with the band, Ballinloch.