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    I'm a fan of Jim Malcolm and have travelled with him in Scotland twice. A favorite is Hullion from Orkney. I also like Gregor Lowrey and Pete Clark.

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    I like woods, good food, good drinks, and good music (in addition to the obvious stuff like my dear wife and daughter). I play the fiddle, though not all that well. I live in Chicago, but I like to get around.

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    Violinist/cellist from Chicago.

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    Retired college prof (computer science) living in the Chicago suburb of Joliet and whistling with The Dirty Wellies. (You can follow us on Facebook and at Playing with accomplished musicians has taught me a lot. How I wish I h...

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    Chicago, South Side. That lovely Irish enclave known as Beverly. The Parade is back, much to Herself's consternation. The Western Avenue pub owners lost too much money. And money talks.