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  • Filosmusic

    I'm from Barcelona. And I'm a galician bagpipe and whistle player. Also I'm a beginner player of bodhran, bouzouki, highland bagpipe and few others. I really love the new folk style like Flook , Project Smok, Ímar... and so.

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  • gataflauta

    Tin whistle beginner from Spain.

    joined one year ago
  • Xavier Escribano

    I'm from Barcelona. I'm philosopher and teach in a University. I play the transverse flute, the tin whistle (C) and the "gralla" (a catalan traditional wind instrument). I'm very interested in all type of scores of traditional music for instruments like f...

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  • Ester

    I am learning to play the fiddle

    joined 7 years ago
  • ilariap

    Traverse flute beginner 🙂

    joined 6 years ago
  • NielsJohnson

    I'm a professor in Barcelona. I’ve gotten into whistles and flutes and been playing since February 2020.

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  • Joan Vilarnau joined one month ago
  • Woodybcn

    I started playing tin whistle on October, 2016, after a nice trip to Killarney. I'm from Barcelona. I'm a professional jazz musician (trombone and clarinet)

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  • bpomahony

    Professional Guitar player and singer from Cork, Ireland living in Barcelona Spain for the last ten years with an interest in traditional Irish music.

  • KirstenTinkler