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  • D Mint

    Rhode Island

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  • Sophie MacKenzie-Richter joined 8 years ago
  • tuneitordie
  • Tom Hogan

    Grew up in Ennistymon in the heart of traditional music. Sometimes there would be a session going on in the bog. Great history and great tradition with the kilfenora band. My mother still talks about dances in the 40’s and 50’s. Living in RI USA now.

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  • David Floyd

    From Rhode Island, USA. I play a bit of English concertina, guitar, banjo, fiddle,piano. I run a live music series called Music at Lily Pads, where we’ve hosted artists from across the musical spectrum.

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  • AlBrown

    I am from the northeastern USA, and play in local sessions. I am in the “grandpa” phase of my earthly existence and have been playing music all my life--trumpet, harmonica, guitar, church choir, solo singing, tin whistle, and most recently B/C accordion.

  • Hope

    From Rhode Island and play fiddle

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  • Andy Radin

    Fiddler, Live in RI, USA; muddle through with Irish because I like to play with my friends here, but I don’t quite have the right feel; love to play Cape Breton, SUPER love to play Quebecois -->

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  • Brad Caetano

    From Warwick. I’ve been a touring musician (primarily drummer) for 25+ years. Currently learning the bodhran. Fan of traditional Irish music since childhood and looking for local sessions and possibly sitting in on a few

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  • chew180

    My name is Matthew O’Donnell, I am a firefighter/paramedic in Warwick, RI, USA. I Just started the flute several years ago but I have had about a three year hiatus from playing due to having kids and job resposibilities.