Members near Connecticut

  • Ross Johnson

    I’m from East Hampton, Connecticut, retired and have played guitar and mandolin for several years. I added an octave to my modest collection a couple years ago and in a few weeks I’ll begin with violin/fiddle lessons at a local college.

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  • Tom Hollman

    I just started play my c system accordion about a month ago. As a kid I took lessons on a PA but it died a few years ago. I decided to which to a CBA for the lighter weight and wider range. It just seemed to make sense.

    joined 1 year ago
  • Howard Horn

    I live in the Hartford, CT, USA area. I specialize in ‘novelty bass instruments’ and also play tenor banjo, tuba, clarinet & sax at varying levels of skill.

    joined 9 years ago
  • doogiewray


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  • brentnerb

    Play tenor banjo. Trying to learn fiddle. Its hard.

  • ammalon joined 7 months ago
  • Cathy

    Fiddle, mandolin, CT, USA

    joined 6 years ago
  • Paul Daukas Jr

    Hi…. I live in central CT and play a little guitar and learning flute. If that is not enough, I have recently become interested in the Tenor banjo and presently looking to purchase a mandolin….

    joined 10 years ago
  • Russell Shaddox

    Beginning fiddle player, intermediate guitar player.

    joined 2 years ago
  • Les Getchell

    I play and teach bodhrán. Had many teachers myself. I also play other percussion in performance or practice but not in sessions. Just as soon listen to a good session or other bodhrán and not play.

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