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  • Julie Williams

    I am a modern flute and piccolo player in Cleveland, Ohio. I spend half my year playing with a German band, the other half playing celtic music. I have played with Ceud Mile Failte, (yes, I know, Scott's Gaelic), Knives and Forks (English Country Dance...

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  • Chrissy

    I'm from the east side of Cleveland. I played the violin years ago and am getting back into it. I've recently become interested in Irish music and am learning some fiddle tunes.

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  • pragmaticpat

    I live in Cleveland, Ohio. I play guitar, Bodhran and pennywhistle. I've been playing guitar for about 16 years, and bodhran / pennywhistle since October, 2014.

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  • MaureenR

    Irish-American musician, plays fiddle, mandolin, tenor banjo with the band, Ballinloch.

  • kate

    from Cleveland, OH

    joined 6 years ago
  • oldtime

    I'm from Cleveland, Ohio. I play guitar and some ukulele, as well as mountain dulcimer. I am a beginner at fiddle.

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  • Lanair

    Classically-trained early music musicologist turned B/C box player (because they won't let me bring my crumhorn into the pub...).

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  • obiwan

    I am from Columbia Station, Ohio which is southwest of Cleveland. I play violin and have been trained in classical music, but am at a point where I am playing and enjoying folk music of different cultures.

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