Members near New Bedford, Massachusetts

  • Bill Gallerizzo

    Originally from Washington, DC. Have played in Irish sessions for about 25 years, including in Ireland and Scotland. Helped run the open session at the Potomac Celtic Festival for about 6 years.

    joined 2 years ago
  • Heather church joined 7 years ago
  • Colin E.

    I've been playing the Uilleann pipes since the September of 2000 and live in New Bedford Massachusetts. Besides Irish music, I also play Northumbrian pipes and Scottish Smallpipes.

  • Steve Bliven

    Whistles and flute in southeastern Massachusetts, USA

  • Michael Cahillane

    From Mattapoisett

    joined one year ago
  • Andrew Fredricks

    I have been working on playing simple system flute since August 2006, and live in Rochester MA. In February 2015 I added lowland pipes to my musical adventure. My interest is in Scottish music.

  • Bronie Rozenas

    HI, from Rochester Massachusetts, and I play the guitar and the d/c# box.

    joined 6 years ago
  • Ari Trahan

    Massachusetts-based college student and filker with a family history of Irish and Quebec folk music, in addition to the all-American stuff. Currently playing mainly fiddle, guitar, and bodhran, with some fife and piano. Waiting to get a mandolin and mount...

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  • Alan James joined 7 years ago
  • RxFiddler

    Fiddler in Rhode Island, USA. Mostly irish music.

    joined 3 years ago