Members near South Bend, Indiana

  • JWiseman

    I live in Northern Indiana not far from Chicago. I play flute, whistle, and a bit of piano. I haven’t been involved with trad music to really claim I know anything but I do have opinions and I love to talk music - a dangerous and potentially annoying co...

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  • RAllen

    Live in Indiana, play a Saltarelle Chaville 4-row and B/C melodeon, member of the riverrun country dance band.

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  • joHn Kennedy Jr

    South Bend, Indiana . . . I sing . . .and play a bit of guitar, bouzouki, whistle, bohdran. I am in South Bend, Indiana with roots around Donegal Town (maternal grandparents).

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  • pmnev

    I am from St.Petersburg, presently living in South Bend, Indiana. I play the Boehm flute, Irish flute, low whistle, (in the past) the Breton bombarde.

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  • John Jacobs

    Fiddler, still trying

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  • Theresa

    Hello, my name is Theresa I have been playing the Irish tin whistle for 10 years and have received many medals in the Mid-West Fleadh. I recently started playing the flute and am enjoying it immensely!

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  • joshuaay

    Fiddler from Tucson, Arizona, USA

  • Nelson Kraybill

    I'm from Elkhart, Indiana, USA a retired clergyman and academic. Lived/worked six years in UK, loved visiting Ireland and hearing traditional music. I have a Burke high whistle and a Dixon low whistle--both of which I play (mostly solo, for my own pleasur...

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