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  • Julia Curry Amico

    I’m an Irish-American pianist from Chicago who is in love with Celtic/Irish music. My pre-teen son is currently taking Irish fiddle lessons, and my teen daughter and I are about to start playing the Irish harp. We’re looking forward to learning more…

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  • david mitchell joined 9 years ago
  • Cynglen joined 6 years ago
  • Michael king

    I am from the Chicago area and I play the piano accordion.

    joined 7 years ago
  • Ken Schultz

    Hello, I am from Chicago, I play guitar and Bass.

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  • Jamie Maher joined 3 years ago
  • Sam Kennedy

    I am from the Chicago area, I don’t play but I have a world class thirteen year old fiddler who plays at sessions all over

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  • Jackie Moran

    The foundation of Irish traditional music is the pulse of its drum, the Bodhrán. And no other percussionist tills that ground better than Jackie Moran.

  • Dustin Felix

    From the Chicago suburbs. I play mandolin, but am working on fiddle and whistle.

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  • JohnNorth

    I am a beginning whistle player. I do strum a ukulele, but I want to focus on learning the whistle. I currently own a Dixon high D whistle and a Becker low D whistle, but I am focusing on learning the high D.

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